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You have always gone above and beyond what we have ever expected from you. The photographs you have taken are amazing and the service you have delivered was more than we could ever have hoped for! The end result was beautiful, the gallery you created is awesome and the wedding album is out of this world in terms of both quality and effort you have put in. If anyone is wondering about hiring Paul… do it! He is not only a great guy but a superb photographer who has become a friend through the process!! We can’t thank you enough Paul. Lots of love Mr & Mrs Edge xx [/bw_testimonial_slider_item][bw_testimonial_slider_item name=”Julie & Norman McClurkin” position=”Wedding Photography” image=””] Like most couples planning a wedding looking for photograpy is so difficult as you want the best for your special day. By chance a friend mentioned Paul. So we checked out his Web site made contact and after our inital chat I had a good feeling. We chose the package with a pre wedding shoot. Couldn’t recommend this enough it was great way for us all to get to know wach other and helped me feel relaxed and confident. Paul put us both at ease and felt like we had know him a while he made the day fun and this was later reflected in the wonderful pictures of our wedding day. I cant thank paul enough for the wonderful pictures we are both so happy. With them. I loved the way he gave little snippets of some pictures during the editing process just to ease the waiting although was not as long as orher couples have waited after my recent research. So much so my family have now used him for orher family pictures. Thank you Paul Bell photography a fantastic find. Will use again in the future. [/bw_testimonial_slider_item][bw_testimonial_slider_item name=”Paul & Sarah Martin” position=”Wedding Photography” image=””] Paul you are a star. Thank you for doing our fantastic wedding photos xxx [/bw_testimonial_slider_item][bw_testimonial_slider_item name=”Steve & Lorna Brown” position=”Wedding Photography” image=””] Paul was absolute fantastic at Lorna and my wedding at the Deanwater Hotel. I would not hesitate in recommending him for any occasion. Many thanks Paul and all the best from Lorna and Steve [/bw_testimonial_slider_item][bw_testimonial_slider_item name=”Rachael Burrows-Jarvis” position=”Family Portraits” image=””] Paul has photographed my little girl at 4, 8 and 12 months (also has included my little boy and family shots). Fantastic photos, Paul is a fun, innovative photographer who captures the moment perfectly. Thanks so much Rachael, Oliver, Charlie and Bella x [/bw_testimonial_slider_item][bw_testimonial_slider_item name=”Julie Speakman” position=”Prom Photography” image=””] Just wanted to say thank you Paul for your patience and support with The prom shoot last night. You stepped in at the very last minute for me and were brilliant! Paige and the crew can’t wait to see the pics which will be amazing I am sure! Thank u again Julie x [/bw_testimonial_slider_item][bw_testimonial_slider_item name=”Karl Seppman” position=”Family Portraits” image=””] A huge thank you to Paul for his fantastic pictures. My daughter and her friends really enjoyed the time in the studio (13th birthday present) and the pictures are simply stunning. Whatever your event, Paul is the man for you!!! [/bw_testimonial_slider_item][bw_testimonial_slider_item name=”Carl Quigley” position=”Family Portraits” image=””] Just got our photos from Paul so many great pictures and such a well presented memory box thanks a lot can’t recommend you enough [/bw_testimonial_slider_item][bw_testimonial_slider_item name=”Claire Hornby” position=”Family Portraits” image=””] Thank you Paul for capturing some precious memories with our family for my mum and dads 50 yr wedding annuversary! So glad I added you on fb wanting to find a dj we found the best photographer in the county! Thank you so much from myself & our family. 5 stars from me Paul.***** [/bw_testimonial_slider_item][bw_testimonial_slider_item name=”Dawn Pennington-Fleet” position=”Portrait Photography” image=””] Had a fun photo day with the dogs, great memories to keep [/bw_testimonial_slider_item][bw_testimonial_slider_item name=”Grace & Gareth Lowry” position=”Wedding Photography” image=””] Paul was personable, made an impression with all our guests and to top it all off he gave us the best photos I could have wished for for our wedding. He went above and beyond what I ever expected and he captured so many beautiful moments that I never would have seen otherwise and for that I cannot thank him enough. He continually gave me updates on my photos progress after the day and the photos were given to us in a beautiful presentation. I genuinely cannot recommend Paul enough – better than I could have wished for. Thank you Paul for everything xx [/bw_testimonial_slider_item][bw_testimonial_slider_item name=”Julie Mille Thompson” position=”Millie’s Trust” image=””] Paul photographed a charity night for us and he is absolutely lovely! Preview of the pics I’ve seen are absolutely fab! Looking forward to seeing the rest Thanks Paul [/bw_testimonial_slider_item][bw_testimonial_slider_item name=”Hayley Cahill” position=”Family Portraits” image=””] Paul photographed my children. He was brilliant. Great pictures and great with the kids, especially my 2 yr old who doesn’t like to listen! Will definitely be using him again. [/bw_testimonial_slider_item][/bw_testimonial_slider_wrapper][/bw_column][/bw_row]

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