The Wedding of Paul & Sinead

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Hello and Happy New Year, I haven’t blogged for what seems like an eternity, which is in itself is really bad of me. You see I have been soooo busy towards the end of the year with weddings, families and sports to photograph, this is the first time I have sat in front of my PC and literally thought “right what shall I do”. Well I wanted to share this couples story with you as it really touched me last year. I first Met Paul & Sinead with their adorable little boy Tommy (Who has the most stunning eyes I think I have ever seen). Anyway I met up with them at their home in Manchester and immediately we clicked. They started to tell me all about the day they had planned, where they were getting married and the after party. You see I have been involved in some huge weddings, but their wedding was one with a twist.

The reception was being held at their house. We spoke about how the layout of the house was going to be on the day, the furniture in the front room was going to disappear into storage. It sounds weird right well no it’s what they wanted. This couple are totally and utterly in Love with each other and big weddings were something that didn’t bother them. This was to be a very intimate wedding with only the closest family and friends invited. The day started with myself arriving at their home to do the traditional bridal prep with Sinead and the girls, followed by myself running over the road to meet the boys in the local pub. Because everything was going smoothly and calmly I even had time to sneek a quick pint in with Paul and the boys. When we were ready it was literally a 2 minute dash to the local church for the service. What can I say about the service. Some churches I have worked in can be quite difficult due to low light, also restrictions of what I can and can’t do, where I can and can not stand. The vicar was delightful, his comment to me was “Do what ever you need to get the shot”. This obviously filled me with delight, however I didn’t go over the top, I just “got the shots” I needed.

After the service we sneaked off to a lovely little park close to home and did some formal couple shots and then headed back home to the reception. I was literally gob smacked when I arrived to find a good friend of mine Gary Penk from Absolute DJ’s set up in the front room. ¬†Two things I didn’t realise, the first was they were having a DJ and second they knew Gary so well. I stayed for a couple of hours and felt like one of the bridal party, captured some more photos and left for home. I wanted to write this blog because I think sometimes weddings happen and they are fab believe me, it’s just this one was unique, intimate and absolutely fantastic.

A few weeks had passed and I delivered the final picture to them, to then have a review on my facebook page which read

“Wow wow wow…Your pictures are outstanding. So we had a small wedding, did it at home and was on edge as to how the pictures would turn out. But needless to say the pictures are more than what I could of wished for. Our wedding pictures are very us, natural and how we live on a day to day bases. Paul Bell you are a lovely man, I hope we keep in touch now, we have a found a photographer and hopefully a friend for life. You are very good at what you do. Never change thanks for being part of our happy day. Sinead, Paul & Tommy xx”


I have linked a gallery to this post with just a few images from there special day. Thank you again Paul, Sinead and Tommy xx


Paul & Sinead

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